Duke House opened its doors to our first guests on Easter weekend and they were simply lovely – in fact all our guests have been lovely! When we first conceived the idea of a city centre boutique B&B many people told us that one of the best things about it would be the many varied and interesting people we would meet. And that’s pretty much exactly as it has been.
After our hectic count down to opening, we took a couple of weeks to regroup so held off on the marketing – which also allowed the wonderful builder boys Ben and Tom Croucher and their guys to finish off a few bits and pieces. Glad to get that done. It also allowed us time to hold two launch events – one for the neighbours and another for old friends and Cambridge contacts Both events were a joy to host and the reaction to the work we have done on the refurbishment was so complimentary that we could scarcely believe it. Having put so much into a project, there comes a point where some external affirmation is needed and boy, did we get it!
Now that the good people at Cambridge Creative Network http://cambridgecreativenetwork.co.uk/ have some pieces on display (and for sale), we are looking to other ideas so that Duke House becomes not only the destination B&B in Cambridge but also a hub for relaxation, conversation, ideas and stimulation. More on that coming soon! Meantime, a special thank you to all our guests who have written such kind and generous comments in both the guest book and on TripAdvisor!