The Jubilee celebrations are coming to a close and we just waved farewell to our latest lovely guests - the three South African sisters enjoying a birthday reunion. Friends running other places told us that the best thing about a B&B is the number of great people we would meet. And how right they were. It’s such a joy to be able to create a space where people can come and celebrate a birthday, an anniversary or even promotion - well done Southampton FC and hi to the folk from Lewes!

Anyway, our friend Toby who knows about these things says we should be bold and put up some of the quotes from the visitors book. And why not… If you come and stay with us you can read these and more. Who knows? You might even want to add your own. We certainly hope so!

“Absolutely fabulous! Decor. Location. The best. We had a very special sisters’ reunion.”
“Terrific place! What a gem!” 
“Had a wonderful break. Thank you. The house is stunning and in a perfect location. Hosting has been exceptional and breakfast wonderful.”
“Everything about Duke House was fantastic for us. Great location. Great room and lovely host.”
“Thank you for a lovely relaxing stay in Duke House. Stylish. Luxurious. Comfortable. Immaculate and a lively vibe. The hospitality here is warm and welcoming”
“Really lovely - beautiful house. Thank you!”

Well, there are more but that’s enough for now. We are so pleased that quite a few guests in the past couple of months have taken the time to go on to TripAdvisor and tell the world. When you are trying to do something different, something that (we think) Cambridge has needed for so long it really helps to hear that others think we are on the right track.