The summer is passing by fast and it’s time for an update on our progress. First things first: very many thanks to all the guests that have made the most charming, kind and gracious comments both to us, in the visitors book, and online. One of our motivating forces was to ensure that visitors to our great city would have a memorable experience of Cambridge and the feedback we have been getting is a great boost to us.
After only four months we have now ensured “proof of concept”! In other words, we now know that there is indeed a market for an upscale, boutique, city centre B&B in Cambridge. The journey to date has not been without its comic moments (such as discovering a total lack of egg cups in the house, the inexplicable breakfast fire alarm - we know it works AND we know how to turn it off 🙂 - and the mid-air suspended credit card machine when the web momentarily went down).
Our feeling is that if we are enjoying the experience so too will our guests. And for us, the past four months (as well as being very, very hard work) have been a time of great joy, meeting such an electic mix of lovely people from so many varied backgrounds and countries. It has been a fabulous experience for us too and we are looking forward to drawing breath and taking Duke House to the next level in the coming months.
Liz and Rob